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Treddex - How it happened

Treddex was formed out of frustration with some of the current suppliers in the marketplace.

Distributors had no shortage of customers, but some of the manufacturers at the time just couldn't seem to get the formula right.

Supply problems or quality issues always seemed to be the stumbling block.

Treddex was set up by an independent wholesale flooring distributor in the South West to tackle these issues. Linking up with a local aluminium profile specialist we developed the product from scratch with our own bespoke dies. We were keen to keep as much of the production as close to home as possible and we managed to achieve this with the manufacture of all of the nosing profiles and inserts within the UK.

Stairnosings are the cornerstone of Treddex, but of course as the brand and company grows, so will the range of products that we offer.

Our dedication to maintaining a high quality product and brand will remain our key focus, as well as supporting our loyal network of distributors to provide the flooring professional an unbeatable combination of quality, service and price.